Boxing Training Guide

Boxing: A Great Sport - Core Boxing Drills
By Katalin Rodrigues Zamiar

DRILL B 1-3 Mitt Work

Mitt work is one of the most valuable drills performed by boxers. Mitt work requires a partner that knows as much about punching as the boxer. The mitts must be placed accurately for the boxer to land solid punches. The mitt drill in the photos below is one of many basic combinations. This particular drill forces the boxer to practice offense, defense and basic footwork skills. The mitt is held at jab's reach. Fres hits the mitt with a lead jab while Katalin slaps a hook to Fres's ribcage. This mitt slap gets the boxer accustom to feeling body shots and helps to build the reflex of returning his punch back to his guard. After the jab is thrown, the boxer is forced into ducking and slipping a wild right hand. As Fres slips the wide right hand, his lead foot (left) takes a small step on a diagonal while his hands stay tight in his guard. It is this step and along with a tight guard that sets up his opponent with the counter offensive. As Fres comes out of the duck he will throw a hook (left) from his opponent's blind spot. To finish, Fres will thrown a perfect uppercut from the right hand.

Below are tips for working the mitts and holding the mitts.


Bag Drill DRILL G1-2

The bag is often used solely for banging away. However, the bag can be used to develop timing, footwork and basic defensive skills. The drill below is great for beginners to boxing as well as the pros. While standing directly in front of the bag swing it away from you. As the bag come straight back at you, as if it were going to knock you down like a bowling pin, side step it (photo G1). At the right moment, take a diagonal step with the lead leg and slide the rear leg with it while keeping the knees bent. As you complete the side step, make sure your hands are tight in guard. Turn your torso slightly to the left side and crunch your abdominal muscles From this position your left hook is perfectly set up. Before the bag even has the chance to return to the starting position, throw the left hook.

Tips to perfect this technique are listed below