Boxing Training Guide

By Katalin Rodrigues Zamiar

DRILL D 1-2 or E1-3

This defensive drill is often referred to as a line drill. It focuses on developing agility through the torso to avoid punches and set up counter-offensive. Attach a boxing wrap or string to a pole, bag or hook across a portion of the room. The hung wrap represents jabs that are being thrown straight at your nose. Line the wrap up with the left shoulder). While performing this drill focus on keeping the torso crunched forward where the abdominal muscles are tight and the midsection is protected. Slip under the wrap to the left side using the legs and the torso. From that position you can easily throw a boxer's hook. Throw the hook across the top of the wrap. This entire movement helps to develop the ability to slip a tight hooks and jabs.

Below are some tips that will assist with this defense line drill.

Partner Ab Drill DRILL C

The medicine ball is a great tool to intensify basic ab exercises. While stepping laying on the ground, allow your partner to step on your toes to keep you feet locked down. Place your knees tightly together and squeeze the glut muscles to support your lower back. Place your hands above your head with the medicine ball. Perform a full crunch, not a sit up where you back is about 45 degrees off the ground and toss the ball to your partner. Hold the crunch in that position until your partner tosses the ball into your hands. Slowly return to the ground so there is resistance placed on the abdominal wall in both phases of the movement.

Tips for perfect execution of this medicine ball exercise are below.