Boxing Training Guide

Boxing: A Great Sport - Top Fighters of the Millenium
By Katalin Rodrigues Zamiar


Roman Gladiator X circa 950 a.d. Said to have killed or beaten 1,425 opponents in the public fighting arena

Genghis Khan "The Precious Warrior" 1167-1227 This conqueror and military leader seized control of the land from China to Russia. As the succeeding tribal chief he fought from the age of 13 to sustain the leadership he acquired at such a young

Sir William Wallace 1272-1305 This Scottish national hero captured many English fortresses and fought in hand to hand combat in many battles, namely the battle of Stirling Bridge.

Saint Joan of Arc 1412-1431 During a time where female leadership was non-existent, Joan of Arc at 13 years old traveled in armor and led a military operation against the English. She fought in the front lines and was later captured and interrogated for 14 months – never giving in she was burned at the stake.

Sulelman I, "The Magnificent" 1494-1566 Considered to be the Greatest Turkish Sultan, Sulelman survived many land battles and hand to hand combat. He invaded Hungary , Baghdad, the Italian coasts, Nice, Tripoli, northern Africa and the Balkans.

Pontiac 1720-1769 This Native American Chief consolidated all the tribes from the Lake Superior to the Gulf of Mexico against the British army. He led a siege that lasted 5 months and stood in the front lines as his Native American soldiers deserted him.

Jack Sullivan late 1880s Won the last sanctioned bare-knuckle championship in the U.S. – a titanic 2 hour 16 minute, 75 round struggle against Jake Kilrain in Mississippi

Willie Pep 1922-1950 This Featherweight Champion retired with an unforgettable career of 230-11-1 (65 KO).

Rocky Marciano 1923-1969 Marciano, a heavyweight is the only boxer in the 20th century that retired with a flawless career, 49-0 (43 KO). His remarkable career lasted only four years but managed to win seven world title bouts.

Sugar Ray Robinson 1921-1989 Although Robinson lost to the great Jake LaMotta in 1943, he won 91 consecutive bouts and retired with a record of 174-19-6 (109 KO). Robinson was a compete fighter, he had blinding