Boxing Glove Guide

How do I pick the right gloves?

The first step in picking the right gloves is always to ask your instructor. Do NOT go down to the sporting goods store and buy the gloves that look the nicest or are the cheapest. They usually are not the best gloves for you AND they will probably fall apart in a short period of time. You may have to invest a little more money at the beginning for a better pair of gloves. But it's worth it.

Remember that the purpose of boxing gloves and hand wraps are to protect your hands and to protect your opponent (if you have one). If you buy gloves at the sporting goods store, it may feel like you are saving money, but you probably are not.

When you pick your gloves you should consider what type of activity you will be doing:

If you are doing a martial art where you need use of your hands, you will want a more flexible glove.

If you are hitting heavy bags and mitts you will want protection on the front end of the glove, you will need thicker padding.
If you are training to get in the ring, you will want a heavier glove
If you are competing in the ring you will want a lighter glove
If you are hitting speed bags, double end bags or something lighter you can buy bag gloves just for that purpose and may find boxing gloves too cumbersome.

See "Aren't size and weight the same thing?"