Kickboxing Training Guide

Kickboxing Aerobic

Just because you are practicing kickboxing doesn't mean you have to be getting pummeled all the time! Kickboxing training is a fantastic aerobic activity that makes for a fast and exciting means of getting into great shape.

Typically, aerobic kickboxing routines begin with light stretches and some light cardio to loosen up. After warming up, the routine will lead to repetitive hand and foot strikes to build stamina.

Throughout the routine, it is important to both maintain a proper defensive stance and to also keep moving. Keeping a "bouncing" stance while you work out will also help your stamina by using several muscle groups, and will keep your heart rate up too (Imagine the typical defensive stance of professionals on the mat). The exercise should finish up with some more, light cardio to ease your body out of the intense workout.

Keep in mind that kickboxing is an intense sport, and even if you consider yourself to be in good physical condition, injuries are always a possibility. To be safest with your training, start by taking an instructed class and try to meet with a personal trainer if possible. A knowledgeable trainer will teach you the correct ways to perform the workout techniques while minimizing your possibility of injury.