Muay Thai Training Guide

Muay Thai Hand Wraps How-To

Muay Thai is an intense sport that can be extremely hard on the body. Hand wraps, and the ability to correctly use them, are an essential part of any Muay Thai martial artist's arsenal. Hand wraps are used to protect the bones, tendons, and muscles in your hands and wrists.

Typical Muay Thai hand wraps range from around 70 to 180 inches and will have a small ring at one end. This ring is used to be slipped over the thumb to begin the wrap. Then wrap across the hand between the thumb and index finger. Wrap this area 2 or 3 times before moving around and down to the wrist. Wrap the wrist 2 or 3 times then switch back. At this point you may alternate one wrap on the wrist, then across the hand a few times. Then you may want to layer a portion of your wrap across the tops of your knuckles. This will give you additional padding for striking. Wrap over the new padding to secure it then wrap under the outside of your thumb and stop. At this point bring the wrap up and in between the pinky and ring fingers. Wrap back down below the thumb and continue between each finger. This will space them apart and keep you from injuring your knuckles. After this wrap back down under the thumb, then across the hand to tighten up, and finish by going down and solidifying the wrap on your wrist.