How to Wrap Your Hands like Kings MMA Owner Master Raphael Cordeiro

  1. Revgear 180' wrap- Mexican wrap with more elastic to prevent injuries
  2. Unravel the wrap with the label facing downwards
  3. Fold the flap, usually used for the thumb, and pull the wrap over the knuckles.
  4. Wrap 3 or 4 times, depending on the size of your hand
  5. Remove the wrapped section from your knuckles, keeping the section together
  6. Lay the section previously wrapped over the same section of your knuckles
  7. Take the tail end and wrap over the previously wrapped section of material
  8. Start wrapping downward to your wrist
  9. Wrap once around your wrist
  10. Slightly tuck in the section above your knuckles
  11. Wrap the tail end around your wrist three to four times, or less for smaller hands and wrists
  12. Moving upwards towards your fingers, spread your fingers and guide the wrap through each finger starting with your pinky
  13. Bring the wrap across your palm towards your thumb, crossing over your knuckles once more and back down to your wrist wrapping it one more time
  14. Come up through the next set of fingers and always make sure to bring it back between your index and thumb.
  15. Wrap the wrist once more and continue through the rest of the fingers, going between each one individually and finishing with wrapping the wrist before continuing to the next
  16. Use the rest of the wrap around your wrist


"And that's how you do a good wrap"

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