Hand Wrap Guide

Are hand wraps all I need?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Many people like to use extra protection besides their hand wraps. Sometimes they add cotton padding along the knuckle line and then wrap their hands over that.

These days it is common to see padded under wraps that you can use in conjunction with your hand wraps. Also these days it is common to see cardio wrap versions that are designed to give you some protection instead of a hand wrap. This is not advised but you it isn't a bad idea to use a cardio type wrap AND a full hand wrap. There are some deluxe cardio wraps that have extra padding built in to the wrap as well.

Remember the basics: you will still need to make a fist, don't wrap too tight, and they still have to fit under your gloves.

There are different methods of wrapping hands and below you will see a few of them illustrated.