How To Wrap Your Hands for MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing like Jeremy Williams

  1. Revgear 180' Hand wrap- Elastic wrap to prevent injuries
  2. Insert thumb through thumb loop
  3. Wrap around the wrist once or twice
  4. Wrap around the thumb once
  5. Bring the wrap across the front of the wrist once more
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 once more Bring the wrap across the knuckles several times wrapping them for hand protection
  7. Bring the wrap upwards wrapping between the fourth and fifth finger
  8. Take the wrap across through your thumb instead of down for better protection when wearing MMA gloves
  9. Now, bring the wrap though the index and middle finger, making sure the keep the wrap flat and preventing and bumps or unevenness
  10. Finish wrapping in between the last two fingers (the ring and middle finger), making sure to bring the wrap through the thumb and across, NOT down
  11. Guide the wrap around the wrist, using the remainder of the fabric and tightly securing the wrist area.
  12. VERY IMPORTANT: for better access to the MMA gloves, make sure to tuck in the wrap both down towards the wrist and up towards the knuckle creating an open space on the palm of your hand.
  13. "Protect your thumbs, protect your hands."

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