Hand Wrap Guide

Hand Wraps for Kickboxing

Hand wraps are an essential part of a martial artist’s arsenal. There are several types of hand wrap styles available for any form of martial arts so picking the right ones for you can be a little overwhelming.

Kickboxing hand wraps come in a variety of sizes, typically between 120 inch and 180 inch. They also come in a variety of styles as well.

Choosing the right size is primarily determined by what you find comfortable. Smaller hands will typically require shorter wraps; otherwise the wrap will be too bulky and will mess up the fit of your gloves. Make sure that whatever wraps you are using aren’t overly long, while still being long enough to keep your hands and wrists safe.

There are several types of wraps available to use in kickboxing and choosing the right ones for you will be decided on by the fit and safety. Herringbone hand wraps are the traditional style and offer no stretch. In recent years, Elastic hand wraps, also called “Mexican style” hand wraps, have been developed and were greatly received due to their stretch and comfort. Elastic hand wraps tend to be more expensive, but may prove to be worth the price for the comfort they provide. Lastly, there are gauze hand wraps which are rarely used for non-professional use, simply because they are disposable and impractical for training exercises. Gauze hand wraps are also most effective when someone is available to wrap and tape them up for you.

These are the most common styles of kickboxing hand wraps and they come in a variety of colors. As well, there are cardio hand wraps, which slip on to your hands. These save you from having to spend the time wrapping your hands and wrists but don’t offer the same amount of support.