How to Wrap Your Hands like Women's MMA Pro Leslie Smith


  1. Start with the Revgear 180' handwrap unraveled and the writing facing down, insert thumb through thumb loop
  2. Wrap wrist about 3 to 4 times, making sure its wrapped tightly to prevent injuries
  3. Take the wrap up towards your thumb, wrapping it once
  4. Bring the wrap around the knuckles, wrapping them 2- 3 times, keeping your fingers spread the entire time
  5. With your fingers spread, travel up through the middle finger and ring finger around to the middle and index, creating an X on the top of the hand
  6. Wrap around the wrist once
  7. Repeating step 5, take the wrap between the fourth finger and pinky and around the fourth finger and middle finger creating another X on the front of the hand
  8. Make sure to wrap the wrist once again
  9. Make another X between the thumb and across all the knuckles
  10. Use the remainder of the wrap to secure the wrist. Make sure to wrap the remainder of the fabric tightly
  11. When finished and secured, open up the fabric on your palm, pulling the fabric apart exposing the skin on your palm


"And that's how you do a good wrap"

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