Hand Wrap Guide

What size hand wraps for women?

Protecting the bones and tendons in your hands is an absolute must for kickboxing, muay thai, MMA and other martial art forms. Before you even put on your gloves, wrap your hands for safety.

Women's hands are typically smaller than men's, and require different sized wraps for martial arts. The length and thickness of the hand wraps are also determined by your necessity. For instance, if you need a less bulky fit or are simply doing light fitness boxing, you won't need long thick wraps. Less wraps means less time getting them on and off, but be safe in choosing the right amount.

Women's wraps can run from 108 inches to 180, and preference and safety are the main determinants to what size you really should use. That said, the question isn't as much "what size wraps are good for women" but "what size wraps do I need to safely protect my hands and wrists?"